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Find out which projects are currently underway or have been completed. Our first self-builders started their adventure to create their home in the Netherlands. We hope you become inspired to start your own adventure soon. In 2021 we started up our self-build activities in the United Kingdom. Our first projects are focussed on self-build and custom build. Additionally, we are looking forward to starting a fixer-upper project. Perhaps near you?

Pound Lane, Essex

Customise your own home in Laindon. In this small development there are 3 house types that you can choose from, each pre-assigned to a specific plot that suits the individual qualities of that house.

All planning permissions have been taken care of which will enable you to focus on the interior and exterior options that matter to you. There are two routes to customising your new home. The first is through the selection of 'à la Carte' design options which have been developed by our architects. Once you have selected all of your option preferences, we build them and you move into your finished home. The second route involves a more 'DIY' approach, where you arrange the fit out of your home yourself. These options are described in further detail on the website of Pound Lane Plots.

Address: Basildon Essex

Started May 2021

Thomaskerk, Zeist
Thomaskerk, Zeist


Begin 2022
Launch of 12 plots
Spring 2022
Start customising
Spring 2023
Move into your new home


At the edge of the city of Birmingham lies an historical industrial site which dates back from the period that Birmingham’s Papermill thrived and used to be an important industrial and economical identity for the city and region. An important way of transportation was by the canal, which lies next to the site. It is across this canal where you find a secluded piece of land, almost like an island between the canal and the river Rea. A hidden gem! It invites an estate-like development, with the houses fronting the canal, introducing self-build and encouraging shared communal spaces.

The site is situated in the area of King’s Norton, South of Birmingham centre. We are excited to start our research on the planning, the design and finally the plot passports with which each individual (future) buyer can start designing and building his own home. Stay tuned!

Start 2023

Thomaskerk, Zeist
Thomaskerk, Zeist


Autumn 2021
Research planning
Design and planning
Start plot passports
Start sales

Steenvlinder projects in the netherlands

In several cities and countryside areas in The Netherlands we started up selfbuild, custom build and Fixer upper projects. The majority is self build and Fixer uppers, sometimes even combined in a single development. Like in the city of Leiden.

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