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Steenvlinder UK

Our self-build, shell home or apartment projects always contain a mix of affordable homes for a large variety of people. We see unique homes built by our customers that define the way they really want to live. And who they are. We find this incredibly inspiring to keep developing for. Self build creates better homes, happier people and healthier communities.

Our mission

Our mission is to make self build easier, more accessible and fun for individuals and groups. We are a social developer with an interest in creating communities. We develop for everyone who wants to create their own home and avoid the compromises that often come with buying an existing property. We stay connected, by guiding our self-builders through the hard times, the good times, until they move into their self-built home.

We believe that our self-builders are the key to a better world, making sustainable choices and building better designed homes to last. And just as importantly, building your own home is in many ways better value. A self-build project could make as much as 25% profit on the initial investment, but it is not easily earned – you will have to invest time and effort. The end result though, most often, is not about claiming the profit, but claiming the satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes with living in your dream home – uniquely yours.

What we do

We purchase land for self-build and custom build plots. We offer plots in various sizes. We also transform older signature buildings, like former schools, offices or storage buildings, into shell apartments. Our projects always contain a mix of affordable homes for a large variety of people. Mixing high and lower incomes, family and single households and young and older people, brings a diversity of people needed to push a new dynamic into the community. And this dynamic is united in the creation of their unique homes that define the way they really want to live. It's firstly about who they are, and this develops into the most private aspect of our lives as people: how we live.

How we work

To obtain the land or the buildings, we work closely together with City Councils, stakeholders, architects and real-estate owners. We set up a realistic plan, propose a competitive offer to the land or building owner and ensure the benefits of self-build. These benefits not only apply to individuals who will have a chance to create their home themselves, but also to City Councils, as self-build empowers people and instils a positive energy in the neighbourhoods. It also keeps momentum in the creation of homes and helps to cope with scarcity in the housing market – on all levels.

What we see

We see empowered homeowners who become engaged residents, energising communities and enriching areas and cities. And all this by just letting them be in control of building their dream home.

About Steenvlinder

Steenvlinder is service-driven developer for individual or collective self-builders. Rather than looking at the barriers to self build, we focus on the benefits of building your own home. Since our inception in 2015 in The Netherlands, Steenvlinder has grown to become the expert and market leader in self-build products for indivuals and groups. 

We enable anyone to self-build: on a plot, in a signature building or by offering a shell home to complete. We keep connected to the self builder from the start of their adventure until they move in. Because self build comes with its own unique challenges, our Customer Coach and team of experts will guide them along their journey. They make their own decisions and take on the project manager role, while we make sure they stay on track and are supported by a network of expertise.


Steenvlinder develops at its own risk. We buy, we develop. We make sure the plots are ready for the self builders and shell and DIY homes are delivered on time. The self builder is the next developer, of their own home.


Steenvlinder aims to create an attractive, green, urban residential environment where people feel connected and come together. We mix social levels, households and ages. We engage from start until realisation.


Self builders build homes to last. They invest in energy sufficient homes and take responsibility in their own decisions. Our projects are sustainable, for example: all our projects are realized without gas.

Experience in self-build

Steenvlinder was founded in 2015 by former Elderman of The Hague, Marnix Norder and former self-build manager at the City Council of The Hague, Hans Sparreboom. In 2017 they founded INC, a social orientated foundation that enables people with lower income to rent, DIY and buy their home within a couple of years. For a set price. In 2019 Steenvlinder acquired Urbannerdam, a leading consulting company in collective self build. Today Steenvlinder has a strong and passionate team of 50 employees, working daily to give more people the opportunity to self build.