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Self-build takes guts, organisation and time, as a house is not designed or built by itself. It is this journey, the dream to build a house of your own, that we focus on at Steenvlinder. We put you, as a customer, at the heart of things. We seek locations and provide you with a clear process, a fixed product and a helping hand along the way, until your home is built. You decide and direct your way forward.


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Community building

Clear process

When you start your own self-build project, you don't want to get lost in the procedures, legislation and financial requirements. Before you start, we make sure we have a fixed product: a Plot Passport, a fixed price and a structured process which will help you to build your own home.

Develop at our risk

Customer Coach

We have created a customer journey where you can make all the decisions yourself but are not left in the dark when things become unclear or when you need a helping hand. Learn everything you need to know about the process from our Customer Coach - your ultimate (and personal) guide to self-build.

Network of experts

When we start a self-build, custom build or fixer-upper development near you, we make sure that a network of relevant (external) parties is established to be at your disposal. These parties may include architects, sustainability advisors, mortgage advisors, etc. You can then be informed, by experts, if needed.

Meet Kim and Kim: DIY and Self build

Kim was prepared! In her fixer-upper, a part of the old gym building, she practically took all building work on herself. She made sure she was schooled by a contracter, where she spent her Saturdays to learn!

Kim was inspired by the self build home of her parents. Still in her twenties, she has started her own self build adventure with her boyfriend David. She can pinpoint every detail in their design!

Selfbuild near you?

You may have heard of the ‘Right to Build’ register, which local authorities are required to keep. If you put your name on this register, you will not only inform your local authority of your desire to build your own home, it also means that the authority has to offer the possibility to self build. The legislation stipulates that local authorities must grant planning permission to a sufficient number of serviced plotswithin three years. For example, if 500 people apply to be added to this register, the authority must grant permission to 500 homes that could be self-build or custom build. 

Registering your interest therefore helps everyone who want a self-build or custom build their home. You can find details of the register on your local council’s website, or by calling their planning department. If you have questions about how to proceed, please feel free to contact us.

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