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Steenvlinder is a social and community-driven developer for self-builders. We believe that any form of self-build will result in a variety of well-designed and better built homes, where people can live happier lives. We see proud people and pleasant places develop. We enable home seekers to become home builders. 

We deliver a site,
you build a home,
together we create a community

We want everyone to have a chance to build their own home, designed to meet their needs and adapt to changing requirements over time – but above all to match their budget and their scope of possibilities. While it may seem like an option that is out of reach for most of us, self-build is becoming more accessible than ever.

Read more about Steenvlinder and our self-build products. Designed to make the process around self-build easier for the customer.


A self-build home gives you maximum freedom in the layout and specifications of your home. We deliver serviced plots (plots with planning, utilities and access) - including a Plot Passport (individual or as a group) - to design and build your own home.


A shell home is a perfect way of designing a house if you have no interest in building your own home and yet do not want a standard home like everyone else in your street. 

We deliver you a shell home, you decide on the finish.


A fixer-upper is comparable with our self-build products. Your canvas however, is a designated area in an existing building. You decide how your home is created and what it is going to look like. We deliver the fixer-upper apartments as a shell. You are in control of the design, build and interior.


About Steenvlinder

Steenvlinder is service-driven developer for individual or collective self-builders. Rather than looking at the barriers to self build, we focus on the benefits of building your own home. Since our inception in 2015 in The Netherlands, Steenvlinder has grown to become the expert and market leader in self-build products for indivuals and groups. 

We enable anyone to self-build: on a plot, in a signature building or by offering a shell home to complete. We keep connected to the self builder from the start of their adventure until they move in. Because self build comes with its own unique challenges, our Customer Coach and team of experts will guide you along the way. You make your own decisions and take on the project manager role, while we make sure you stay on track and are supported by a network of expertise.

Why self build?

Develop at our risk


We give people a chance to build their own unique home. Self-build plots, shell homes or fixer-upper: it doesn't matter what they choose or how they do it, they make their own decisions. And they should! To live in your own cleverly built home is your prerogative. Be proud of it and feel empowered. You’ve got this!

Community building


Giving our customers more control over their design and their end-product generates a positive energy that is needed to push change. They will take notice of the wider community and seek connection. Together they create a lively and an engaged community. This can result in communal green spaces, shared car use or just fun activities.


Self-build creates unique homes, built by proud homeowners and as a result we see a larger variety of well-designed homes which enrich neighbourhoods and cities. Housing diversification is important. It gives a fresh and unique approach to, perhaps, deprived areas and invigorates progress. People can live healthily, responsibly and safely. With self-build, we can make a difference.

Projects in the Netherlands

As Steenvlinder started the quest for self-build in The Netherlands, we are excited to give you an overview of the projects currently in progress (or completed). In the UK we see great potential to expand on the possibilities of self-build for individuals and groups.  

Contact us

If you want to get in touch to find out more about our practical approach to self build? Please get in touch with Barbara Paagman or Peter de Groot.


Peter de Groot

Acquisition Manager UK

+31 6 1124 8111


Barbara Paagman

Project Manager UK

+44 78 94166906

An energy passive home, to last

Ada and Peter, together with their big helper dog Bowy, built their own passive house directly south of Rotterdam. They had their design reviewed by an architect. Since Ada and Peter are well in their 50’s they decided their house had to be future proof in relation to their mobility. They made sure the design could accomodate a bedroom and bathroom on ground floor level.

After delivery of the timber frame Peter was confident to project manage and build the rest of their house. Ada managed the paperwork and made sure deadlines were met. It does take two to tango and building a house. 

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