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The first self-build pioneers are exploring the site of Orchard Farm in Kennington, Ashford.

Early Birds start at Orchard Farm

11 November 2023

The weather couldn't have been any better. After days of drizzling rain, it cleared up on Saturday November 11th, making a visit to the self-build site of Orchard Farm in Kennington, Ashford, a delight! On this Saturday we met the first self-build pioneers, from near and afar, at Conningbrook Hotel for an Open Day of Orchard Farm's phase one. 

The initial 18 self-build plots in phase one will be available for sale in early 2024. At the Open Day of Orhcard Farm, we were excited to announce the launch of its pre-reservation period from then until the official sales cycle commences. This opportunity is perfect for those who are committed to embarking on their self-build journey and wish to secure a plot ahead of the crowd. These Early Birds will get all our attention to make sure they get all the information and are introduced to independent professionals who can help them on their self-build journey.

We're absolutely delighted that the first pre-reservations are now being signed! Welcome to the Early Birds!

    Network of Experts

    During the pre-reservation period, participants will receive comprehensive information about the steps involved in the upcoming months. This includes invitations to one-on-one consultations with a customer guide, Hannah Adams, who can introduce them to a newly established network of self-build experts. This network was introduced for the first time at this open day.

    Orchard Farm's network of about 20 independent self-build experts, the Network of Experts, encompassing architecture, construction, and finance professionals from Kent and beyond, is fully prepared to offer guidance. However, customers are under no obligation to use this network and are welcome to conduct their own research and engage with their preferred contacts to design, finance, and construct their dream homes.

    Visitors were pleased to be given the opportunity to speak to the Network at this early stage including architects, financial advisers and construction professionals, to find out how they might be able to help them.

      Visiting the site

      During the open day, visits were scheduled in with our team of Orchard Farm and taken on a 5 minute walk to the site. The view from the site was beautiful, coloured in autumn’s brightest tones.

      We’d marked out the plots on the site and, through the wonders of technology, people were able to see how the development could look in the landscape. People loved being on the site and seeing the plots. We could see their eyes lighting up thinking "Can we do this? I think we might be able to do this, maybe this could be a reality for us." It’s step into the unknown, but it is a step they want to take and we are ready to guide anyone, step by step, on their self-build journey. As the potential self-builders started talking to each other, you could see how this new community could grow. It's something we've seen in the Netherlands so often and it was exciting that the same dynamic occured right there on the spot! Ah, we don't differ that much: in the end, we would all love to be able to build our own home and build a community together. Being part of something so unique and dear to us.

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