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Self-build plots

If you would like to start your self-build adventure, a serviced plot is a perfect way to do it. Self-build usually encompasses a process where the self-builder owns or buys a piece of land and then needs to complete all the groundwork to get the plot ready for construction. 

A serviced plot at Steenvlinder is less of a hassle. You start with a serviced plot and end up with your dream home.

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How does it work?

A serviced plot gives you maximum freedom in the design, layout and specification of your home. Before you start, we will have made a scheme and detailed landscaping of the site. All the individual plots will have a detailed planning permission agreed upon with the local authority. We prepare each plot by completing the water, sewage and electricity connection. Roadworks are in place so your plot is accessible for all building traffic. It is then up to you to complete the design, within the building and design guidelines stipulated in your Plot Passport. A network of specialists are lined up for advice and our Customer Coach keeps you on track.

Self-build at Orchard Farm - Kent

Orchard Farm is a development site located in Kennington, on the northern edge of Ashford. We are planning to create the first green and active self-built community in Kent by enabling people to build their own home on serviced plots.

Detailed planning permission for the first twenty five plots will be agreed with the Council. We expect to be offering these plots for sale in early autumn of 2023. It is planned that around one hundred and twenty unique homes will eventually be located here.

A passive home, to last

Ada and Peter, together with their big helper dog Bowy, built their own passive house directly south of Rotterdam. They had their design reviewed by an architect. Since Ada and Peter are well in their 50’s they decided their house had to be future proof in relation to their mobility. They made sure the design could accomodate a bedroom and bathroom on ground floor level.

After delivery of the timber frame Peter was confident to project manage and build the rest of their house. Ada managed the paperwork and made sure deadlines were met. It does take two to tango and building a house. 

Example projects in The Netherlands

Vrije wilg, Dordrecht

This self build development is situated just beneath Rotterdam, neighbouring a beautiful green natural park. It is for this reason that all self builders had a similar design code in their Plot Passports: half of the facades, their outer walls, were to be completed with wooden cladding.

Eigen Wiericke, Nieuwerbrug

In the green heart of The Netherlands, towards the historical city of Utrecht, lies a quaint village Nieuwerbrug. 28 serviced plots were sold here and all of the self builders used a mix of wooden and stone cladding and finished off with a slanted roof. 

De Nijverheid, Leiden

In the historical university city of Leiden, 24 attached self build homes are under construction. The vibe amongst the self builders is exciting: they all build individually, sometimes starting with a combined foundation, but together they create a unique community of like-minded people.

Want to start with a serviced plot?

You may have heard of the ‘Right to Build’ register, which local authorities are required to keep. If you put your name on this register, you will not only inform your local authority of your desire to build your own home, it also means that the authority has to offer the possibility to self build. The legislation stipulates that local authorities must grant planning permission within three years to a sufficient number of serviced plots. For example, if 500 people apply to this register, the authority has to grant permission to 500 homes that could be self build or custom build. 

Registering your interest therefore helps everyone who want a self build or custom build their home. You can find details of the register on your local council’s website, or by calling their planning department. If you have questions about how to proceed, please feel free to contact us.