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Shell apartment

A shell apartment at Steenvlinder is a like a fixer upper, it's an empty shell, in an existing building where you decide how your home will look like and how it’s made. The buildings that host the shell apartments are existing constructions, sometimes listed buildings like schools, hospitals and churches. Sometimes old office buildings that need a total make over. Transforming shell apartments will result in unique homes and proud residents that will liven up the area. 

  • jolin kelly
  • dimmie desiree
  • thomas leonieke

How does it work?

We have found a signature building to transform to residential use. We have investigated the possibilities on how to draw in a variety of homes: spacious and smaller layouts, perhaps two storey or loft-like homes. We then transform the existing building into the separate homes, which are each individually connected to water, sewage and electricity. Beyond that, you are in control of the layout, materials and the work required to finish your house. 

If you want to be in control, but need a bit of a start and support, this could be a great home for you. 

De Bovenboog, Uithoorn

Just South of Amsterdam, near the green lake district, lies Uithoorn. We found a small school site built in the 50's. The school and its gym, are transformed into 16 DIY homes. Small surfaces of 50 m2, up to two storey family homes of 156 m2. The new residents will start their DIY adventure early 2022. 

De Metamorfose, Rijswijk

Perhaps not the most signature building when we started. But usually these buildings are the most rewarding. In this former office building in Rijswijk, just next to The Hague, 62 shell apartments of different sizes were sold. If you drive past the building nowadays, it truly is a metamorphosis.

De Meesterproef, Vlaardingen

Near Rotterdam we found this former school building. Now transformed into 10 shell apartments. Small units and large family homes. The different sizes of plots attracted starters, singles, young couples, families and empty nesters. Together they give a new energy to the area.

Want to start in a shell apartment?

A shell apartment is an excellent way to create a unique home, together with like-minded neighbours in an existing building. We are always on the lookout for signature buildings. It can be a Victorian listed building, a church, a school, a hospital or a former office building. When we are ready to put it on the market as a shell apartment, we will inform by our newsletter, socials and website. 

If you know a building where you are eager to start, to transform a part of it to your unique home, contact us. We can always investigate the possibilities for transfromation.